A message from George Kanaan, CEO of the Arab Bankers Association

Arab bankers are used to adversity and challenge. We come from a part of the world that has more than its share of wars, political upheavals, and economic and social volatility. As a result, our banks build resilience as a matter of routine. Arab banks have capital levels far ahead of international norms, and they are agile in the face of setbacks and adversity.

At the Arab Bankers Association, we continue to serve the needs of our members, both corporate and personal. We are arranging an exciting series of events to address issues that are of great concern to them, their staff, clients, and other stakeholders. Tracking and responding to the changes in UK financial laws and regulations, arising from Brexit, are among our highest priorities. Others include following the UK real estate market, the geopolitical scene and energy markets – all issues of great concern to Arab banks in London and their clients.

We will also continue with our programme of social events, which enable our members and their friends to meet informally, network, and exchange ideas.

As always, I look forward to meeting our members in person over the course of the coming year, and listening to your hopes and ambitions for the year ahead. Please do be in touch!

George E Kanaan
Chief Executive Officer
Arab Bankers Association