Export Development Bank of Egypt Broadens its Horizons

Under new leadership, Export Development Bank of Egypt (EBE) is implementing a new strategy that is seeing the bank strengthen its franchise in Africa, broaden its range of client products, and upgrade senior management. The Arab Bankers Association spoke to Mervat Soltan, the bank's Chairperson about EBE's transformation.

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Libya and Iran lead OPEC oil production increases; US to hit new high

A new report by MEES, the authoritative oil-industry newsletter, summarises recent trends in global oil production. Saudi Arabia, OPEC's biggest producer, averaged 9.96 mn b/d in 2017. Iraq produced 4.43 mn b/d and Iran 3.79 mn b/d: Iraqi production was flat but Iran's was sharply up. Total OPEC produciton averaged 32.48 mn b/d. The US will soon hit a new production record. 

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