A message from the Chief Executive Officer

Welcome to the Arab Bankers’ Association!

We are an association of bankers and finance professionals who work in Arab financial markets. Most of our members, both corporate and individual, are based in the U.K. but a significant proportion are based outside. Nearly all of us have spent much of our professional lives living and working in the Arab world.

Our aims are simple: to foster improved relations, information sharing and understanding between the private and public sectors in the Arab world and the U.K. We achieve this through our programme of evening seminars and social events, through tailored events for individual members and their clients, and through personal interaction and introductions that are based on decades of business experience.

You will find more information about our work on the various pages of this website. For example, elsewhere on this page you can download a copy of our Annual Magazine; on the “Events” page you can download presentations given at recent evening seminars; and soon we will be adding a new page to our website -- “Arab Banking News” – where you will see a brief round-up of recent events that are relevant to our membership.

The “Join” page also contains a full list of member benefits.

This is an exciting time for Arab banks and their subsidiaries and affiliates in London. Gulf banks are looking to expand their international operations, banks in Egypt and other north African countries are finding their footing after the uncertainties of the Arab Spring, and debt issuance across the region is increasing.

London hosts the largest and most important banking community in Europe, so its not surprising that it is in London that many of the innovative new financial structures that are shaping Arab finance are designed and sold.

The ABA has been serving and promoting Arab banking in London for more than 30 years and we are as enthusiastic and committed to our mission today as we were on the day we were founded. If you are a member, I look forward to working alongside you in the months ahead. If you are not a member, I hope you will consider joining us.

George E. Kanaan Chief Executive Officer


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04/02/14  NBR reported net profits

News NBR reported net profits of R$500mn for 2013, an 8% increase on 2012. Operating expenses declined by 2% and the bank’s operating income rose by 10%. Loan loss provisions increased by 3%.   Total assets at the end of 2013 were R$20,153mn, up 5% on 2012. A 10% increase in loans was offset by a fall of 3% in investment securities. The bank’s shareholders equity was R$2mn at the end of the year. NBR’s C.E.O. Zortan BenHemdi commented, “These are a strong set of results, reflecting the success of the bank’s growth strategy that was initiated in 2011.” ...


Mon December 16 2013 - Mon December 16 2013
ABA Members Celebrate Christmas in Style!

Events , ABA Events Seventy five members and their friends attended the Arab Bankers Association’s Christmas party on 16th December. The event was held at the East India Club in London’s West End.  As well as drinks and canapés, guests were treated to a selection of Christmas Carols, sung by four professional singers. Twenty five prizes – including chocolates, cufflinks, ladies’ accessories and dinners for two at some of London’s leading restaurants – were awarded through a raffle. 

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News Here is the full text about Middle Eastern banks

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